DI Box Boss DI-1 R45.00 Excl Vat


- Di-1 is a professional design based on active direct box.
- High impedance input circuitry can connect directly, such as electric guitars, electric bass.
- Equipped with auto power on / off circuit, no input signal and turns off automatically.
- Phantom power supply supplies power from the mixers phantom power supply.
- Input attenuator allows for a wide range of input. It is possible to balance out the polarity switch phase switch.
- Balanced input and ground lift switch. You can insulate the ground connection out of.
- Equipped with input para-out jack.
- Grand guaranteed direct box which works fine also balance out the 1-pin and short pin 2 (or 3-pin).
- It's now your standard direct box in stage and Studio. Convert to a low-impedance XLR output from the instruments into the mixer input.
- 3 Stage auto or attenuator switch multifunction equipment for a wide variety.