Power and generators

  • Generator rental
  • Power distribution
  • Cabling and various DB configurations
  • Generator Change over switch for industry and commercial
  • Silent portable power solutions
  • Redundancy

A big risk to events and the commercial sector is power outages. Whether it's load-shedding, transformer failure or whatever reason, redundancy keeps the customer happy and the brand strong. Every application needs individual requirements and tailoring. Contact us for free advice.



  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Indoor and Outdoor Concert sound systems
  • Conferencing multi-miking
  • Backline Equipment
  • Radio and specialized Microphones
  • Stage Monitoring
  • Specialized Sound Personnel
  • DJ Gear


We have a range of sound systems to suite your every application whether it is a presentation, concert, launch, dinner function or wedding. Our high caliber equipment and professional staff ensure that even the most discerning ear is satisfied. We also offer tailor-made audio packages that include exactly what you need and exclude what you don’t. Even our entry level audio systems offer hi-fi sound reproduction and are suited for a variety of musical or speech reinforcement applications. For large venues we can supply flown speaker systems. Flown systems are suspended in the air thereby providing a more controlled and efficient coverage. Our DAS Aero Line-Array system is suitable for a multitude of indoor and outdoor venues where thousands of people are catered for. Speakers are typically placed to the left and right of the stage but there is also the option of distributing speakers to areas where they are needed. When necessary, the use of a delay-processor can correct additional speaker systems so that they are “in time” (time coherent) with the main system. Our inventory includes a wide range of band equipment/ backline and DJ gear so that every performer’s needs can be facilitated. Our broad range of hire stock includes specialized microphones, radio systems, processors, playback, recording equipment, mixing consoles, radio communications sets, lecterns, etc. Our competent and presentable audio staff have diverse skills and generally can also operate video or lighting equipment on small shows -thereby adding more value to a project. As a standard service we also provide a variety of background music as a “filler” between or before/ after sets .


Staging and Structures

  • Indoor and outdoor decking
  • Roof structures (various types)
  • Scaffolding
  • Ramps for fashion show and pageants
  • Backstage dressing rooms and VIP rooms
  • Security and crowd control fencing
  • Disabled person’s ramps
  • PA Towers (Scaffolding or Giraffe type)
  • LED screen and projection screen towers
  • FOH control towers


A stage comprises a platform and sometimes a roof (depending on application)

The roof serves the following:

•    Protection from the elements
•    Cosmetic and presentational enhancement
•    Structure to rig lighting, video, sound and other equipment from
•    Facility to attach decor, promotional banners, logo's and branding to

Our hire stock is safe and regularly maintained and inspected. We are also very safety conscious and are proud to say that we have a zero incident rate.


  • Stage and studio lighting
  • Exhibition, Venue and Decorative Lighting
  • Custom Gobo Projection
  • Flood lighting and scaff-towers for house/ security lighting
  • Rigging and ground support structures
  • Intelligent, generic
  • LED panels P6.25
  • laser Lighting


Most events that are held at night necessitate the use of some form of lighting. Events that are held in environments where the light can be controlled to some level can also make use of lights since good lighting does a lot more that to just improve visibility. It can be used to create different moods, effects and add impact. In Drama and musical applications it can add emphasis of certain objects or people, create spatial depth, enhance and captivate. The look and feel of venues can also be transformed by the use of the appropriate lighting and once bland-looking rooms can take on a whole new form. Up-lighting décor and banners can add dimension to a room and enhance corporate branding. Company logos or custom designs can also be projected that come in the form of a glass or metal disc called a gobo. All that is needed is the design and the gobos are custom made.




  • LED Screens (P6.25)
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Logo projection
  • Multiple sources and video distribution
  • Projecting and Mixing Live Cameras
  • Video recording and editing
  • Projectors and projection screens
  • Flat screen TV's up to 65"


The quality of a multimedia presentation can strongly influence its impact. The clarity and size of the image and the audio quality are essential in conveying a message that is understood and absorbed. We can offer a variety of screen sizes and high resolution projectors that combined with our audio kits deliver on these grounds. Corporate branding can be facilitated by the use of company logos that we can project on the screens. We can even animate the graphics should you want the logo to rotate or have a special effect that adds emphasis and interest. We can facilitate multiple sources and screens into the video set-up. As an example, there could be a third screen above the stage that displays a live camera feed while the screens to the left and right run the presentation. Projectors are best suited for dark environments. When functions are held outdoors or in marquees during the day, LED Screens or flat screen TV's (indoor only) are most often used. These screens are brighter and therefore not affected as much by high levels of ambient light. Please don’t hesitate to call us for more information.




Lights: Often the most suitable place to position the majority of stage or venue lights is to suspend them from above. This maximizes their control and alleviates the blinding effect that bright lights have when position too low such as on push-up stands. People and scenery in theatre also look more natural when lit mostly from above.

Audio: Sound systems can also be suspended from structures above, thereby increasing their coverage and control. This also alleviates the usual “hot-spot” that occurs when people are sitting or standing near ground stacked speakers. The added control also enables less reflected sound from bouncing off the walls and ceiling that usually takes place when speakers are simply directed forwards. More direct and less reflected sound equates to better clarity.

Video: Video equipment including screens and projectors can also be installed via rigging. Benefits include that of using less floor space and less possibility of a disturbance to a projector or interference with the projected image. The added height from suspending screens can also increase their performance and the impact that they have.


The choice of rigging or ground placement is subject to venue facilities, cost and time.


Staff and Procedure

By communicating your overall technical needs with a Show Equip project manager you can reduce communication breakdown, time and effort that you might have when dealing with numerous individuals or small companies.

All our staff are well trained and the senior staff have on average 10+ years of experience. Diplomacy and a good attitude are also a company prerequisite. Although they have their fields of technical expertise, they also have a thorough understanding of the various technical aspects that make up this industry. Like most, we agree that specialization leads to a better skill-set, however, having a diverse general understanding and capacity to do different fields of technical, leads to smaller, more efficient crews and better value.

We are also concerned with the personal development of our team and continually aim to provide them with more opportunities for financial growth and skills development. Many of our senior staff come from or have a musical background which gives them an edge and deeper interest in that field. We can also provide advice on creative design, décor and venue layouts.


logistics and transport hire

  • open trucks
  • closed trucks
  • Trailer rental
  • Vans


We can co-ordinate logistics so that maximum efficiency and quality is met. Not having enough time before a show puts unnecessary stress and risks into the equation. The opposite approach, booking services, venues and staff for overly extended periods can incur unnecessary costs. We can co-ordinate logistics to save you money and reduce stress.