General Terms and Conditions:


1a)   Our service. Quotations generally include the transport, setting-up, operation  and dismantling/ removal of the equipment to be supplied. Quotations excludes any additional equipment or services which will be quoted separately for upon request.


1b)   Financial risk: Please note that the owed fee should not be subject to sponsorship,  3rd party funding, ticket sales, attendance ,weather or any other component. The price remains set if service provided. The client has to carry all the financial risk, be accountable and have adequate cash flow and financial redundancy.


2)     Payment.  A Deposit is payable upon confirmation of an agreement. Generally the balance is required 72 hrs before the first day of set-up.


3)     Confirmation. An agreement will only be confirmed and accepted as a booking on our receiving of an official company order and deposit or alternatively full payment in advance. The agreement is subject to equipment and staff availability until confirmation is formally made. The contract needs to have each page initialled, signed and returned to us.


4)     Cancellations/ refunds. A cancellation of an agreement by you, whatever the reasons, will forfeit your deposit. If the event is postponed or cancelled between 72hrs and 24 hrs hours of the show’s starting time, then you will be liable to pay up to 75% of the total service fee (please note that this includes all causes/ circumstances) If the event is postponed or cancelled within 24 hrs hours of the starting time, then up to a 100% service fee will apply. If you find that the service is dissatisfactory in any manner, we are open facilitating a price reduction, compensation or full refund after review with the input of 3rd party advisors so that a fair conclusion can be made.


5)     Validity: Our offers are usually  valid for 10-days and are subject to availability . The price may change if confirmation is not made in time due to possible scarcity of crew/ equipment and increased difficulty and risk to accommodate late bookings. We therefore encourage early confirmations.



6)     Overtime.

·          A regular shift is 8 hrs (unless otherwise indicated on the quote).  Overtime will be charged for staff required beyond this time frame

·          Overtime generally applies to evening events beyond 24H00


7)     Security. The client is to ensure that provision is made for adequate security from arrival to departure.


8)     Adverse weather conditions. (Open-air events only) Unfavourable weather can lead to equipment damage - therefore operation is generally not advised. If the Client insists against our recommendation for the equipment to operated, then they are to be liable for any possible damages incurred.


9)     Accommodation/ Hospitality. Please make provision for staff meals and if necessary accommodation (unless otherwise arranged or stated to be included within this quote)


10)   Power requirements: NB: We generally require 3-phase power of the capacity specified. We cannot be responsible for power outages. For less risk and redundancy, we would recommend a back-up generator (or possibly multiple generators subject to application). We do supply generators, please enquire further.


11)   Health and Safety. It possible that a representative from the venue or local municipality might request a C.O.C. for temporary structures and/ or electrical equipment using 3-phase power. Please check with your venue what criteria has to be met and enquire further. Our standard service includes a generic safety file but if other irregular requirements are needed by health and safety –additional costs may be incurred. (examples include: schematic drawings/ floor and stage plans, medical personnel, fire equipment/ personnel)



12)   Insurance: Our services includes the following insurance: Public Liability (R20 Million), Employers Liability and Workmen’s compensation. (Copy of policy available on request)