AV Switchers/Scalers/DAs


- VP4X4K Kramer HD AV Matrix Switcher (4x VGA in to any 4x VGA Out) R300.00 Excl Vat

- VP724 Kramer AV Switcher/ scaler (2 VGA in,  2 x composite video + 2 x S-video+ 2 VGA out) R450.00 Excl Vat

- VP222 Kramer VGA 2-in 2-out manual/ mechanical switch R80.00 Excl Vat

- VP400N Kramer VGA 1-in 4-out splitter R80.00 Excl Vat

- VP210 Kramer Analogue VGA booster (2x outputs) R80.00 Excl Vat

- VP501XL Kramer Scan Converter UXGA to Video (Vga in/ Composite and S-Video out) R150.00 Excl Vat

- VP105VB/E Kramer BNC 5 out splitter (6db boost on 5x outs) R90.00 Excl Vat

- VGA extender kit (Cat-5) incl. 100m cat-5 cable R200.00 Excl Vat