Ram S6000 R790.00 Excl Vat


- Compact 2 and 4-channel Power Amplifiers with state-of-the-art QuantaPulse EVO SMPS
- The state-of-the-art QuantaPulse EVO switched-mode power supply of the new S Series amplifiers provides major benefits: it increases efficiency and reliability, generates less heat and keeps the weight down. While delivering high output power S series amplifiers tip the scales at around 8 kg only.
- S Series power amplifiers are available with 2 and 4 channels and output ratings from 1.5 to 6 kW. Housed in 30 cm deep, 2U rackmountable chassis the S series uses surface-mount technology with high component density for maximum reliability.
- QuantaPulseâ„¢ EVO switched-mode power supply for maximum efficiency, increased output and reliability
- Five 2-channel models with up to 4 kW output power
- Very light weight (8 kg), 2U and 30 cm depth
- Electronic protection circuits
- High component density surface-mount technology (SMT) provides mechanical strength and reliable operation
- Neutrik XLR and Speakon connectors